GDG DevFest – Smart Cities hackathon 2018
Du 28 au 30 Septembre 2018, Foire Internationale de Sfax

The 2018 GDG DevFest – Smart Cities hackathon will bring selected entrepreneurs, students, designers, researchers, developers, and people who are interested on making their city smarter place to live and on building solutions that will make our cities more efficient.

The hackathon is organized by The Google Developers Group (GDG) in Sfax, The IEEE Tunisia Section, The Tunisian E-Governance Society, The WeYouth Organization, and The Sfax International Fair Association; in partnership with The Governorate of Sfax, The IEEE Smart Cities, The University of Sfax, and The Sfax Technopark. It will be held on 28-30 September 2018, in conjunction with the 25th Salon of Innovation and Informatics (SIIB) at the Sfax International Fair.
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The Hackathon is a completely free event in which any team interested in developing solutions for our Tunisian cities is welcomed!
Build your Team: It is required that you come with a team of at least 2 persons, and no more 5 persons. All participating teams will have the chance to present their projects in a rocket pitch fashion to the judges, who will decide the winners of the hackathon.
Hurry up and register your project before the deadline. The number of seats is limited to 150. Applications should help our cities to become Safe, Sustainable, and Smart.


Join us to find solutions, with business model, to common problems cities faces. The product solutions should solve one or more of the following tracks:

  • -Smart Governance, to provide greater efficiency, community leadership, public services. The solutions should take into consideration decision-making, policy development, informing and serving citizens, collecting feedback, tracking performance data, data analysis, scenario planning, etc.
  • - Smart Health, to provide better diagnostic tools, better treatment for patients, and devices that improve the quality of life for anyone and everyone. The key concept includes eHealth and mHealth services, electronic record management, smart home services and intelligent and connected medical devices, etc.
  • - Smart Mobility, to provide access to safe, affordable, and sustainable transport systems. The solutions must take into consideration public transportation, the transport of goods, passenger transport, company fleets, parking, traffic jams, etc.
  • - Smart Energy, to meet the increasing demand of energy. The key initiatives include the integration of smart grids, energy-efficient and energy-saving buildings, the increased integration of renewable energy sources, etc.
  • - Smart Waste, to find more efficient ways to deal with waste management solutions. They must involve ways to track waste levels, provide route optimization, operational analytics, etc.
  • - Smart Food and Agriculture, to transform the food system that cities and people depend upon. The solutions should ensure food security in a changing climate, develop automated farming, collect and analyze data, help the farmer to take accurate decision, etc.


There will be two judging rounds. The first round will be closed room, 3-min pitch without Q&A. Teams who pass the first round will move on to second round, where you will be given 5 minutes to pitch and few minutes for Q & A with the judges.
Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

    Idea and Team
  • Innovation (20): How creative or innovative is the idea behind the app?
  • Multidisciplinary (10): The team is well assembled and having different members in each area of expertise.
  • Experience
  • Intuitiveness (10): Is the overall user experience intuitive? Does the flow make sense?
  • Value (10): How relevant is the app for solving a smart city challenge?
  • Implementation
  • Functionality (30): Do the team has a functional prototype? Does the app work and how many of the functionalities actually work?
  • Scalability (10): Could this app scale as a real solution with multiple users?
  • Presentation (10): Did the team presented a solid and persuasive pitch in English
  • Notes:
  • Challenges and evaluation criteria may change according to the event’s organizing committee.
  • The team members will have full ownership of the project and intellectual property.


  • Cash Prize
  • Certificate
  • 1-year free access to CoStarT co-working Space / Incubator
  • Free business mentoring program that connects entrepreneurs with mentors
  • 1st Runner up
  • Free access to Go My Code Trainings (2000 TND values)
  • Certificate